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Can a CNO Work Remotely and Effectively?

Technology has made a difference in the way executives communicate and share information with no regards to physical location

The short answer is yes.  Technology greatly facilitates the possibility and communication between executives and company heads, but depends on each individual company and the goals/objectives for that particular CNO.

In today’s virtual world, companies are finding that traditional concepts no longer apply and are challenging the entire corporate structure with an infusion of creativity.  When a unique individual that fits the need is identified, companies will do what they can to retain and recruit such talent.  Obviously if relocation is not an option, a virtual setup may be arranged and still achieve desired results.

As involved and intertwined as a CNO should be with the various Cs and heads of an organization, I do believe the possibility of a virtual set up is possible.

There will be a need for frequent visits to home office/headquarters as the CNO’s role is to be familiar, perhaps intimate, with every C-Level person and even department head and understand each respective current efforts.  This relationship building and fostering will allow the CNO to uncover needs and opportunities for each of the other departments.  This could help achieve short- and long-term goals/objectives much more efficiently.
Also understanding various individuals’ psychology, attitude and business demeanor can facilitate the CNO’s efforts in networking and connecting others to different levels of the organization.  It wouldn’t be likely that a CNO would coordinate a business meeting with a very aggressive maverick and a laid-back, easy-going executive with immediate great results.  Some of the CNO’s options could be prepping either/both sides prior to the meeting, setting expectations and desired goals in advance, and even driving the meeting to name a few.

Yes, a virtual setup is possible because the CNO also beats to his/her own beat.  What I mean by that is the CNO will be networking and meeting with others most of their time.  A very productive and efficient CNO can do this without being physically located at the headquarters. If this CNO has various other responsibilities, it may not be feasible to be remote. You find this in smaller and start-up companies where others perform CNO-like responsibilities or a CNO who performs other roles as well.

A CNO can easily coordinate his/her agenda and scheduled meetings with frequent headquarter stops.  At the very least there should be quarterly State of the Union corporate addresses where an executive think tank is formed and the CNO can gather much information and needs in order for a strategy and plan, both short and long term, to be made.

As I mentioned before, technology can make one feel an office door away but technology cannot replicate the warmth of a handshake.  At least not yet!


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A free-spirited entrepreneur, Roger leads a multi-million dollar wealth management practice at a global firm whose client base includes high-net-worth individuals, pre/retirees, athletes and entertainers.

He is involved and coordinates advisory boards for various companies, projects and organizations that attract his interest and passion.

Chief Networking Officer at Celebrity Spouses, a virtual and social community that celebrates and is a partner to spouses of the Celebrity athlete, musician and entertainer. A role he would like to educate the business community on its value and importance in today's world.

Through his travels and his vast network, Roger is exposed to many different projects and opportunities and is often found contributing his vision, business development, sales/marketing, networking, coaching and financial expertise.